Mariano Sotelano Salas se dedica a las artes plasticas y a la musica desde temprana edad.
Se especializo en artes graficas.
La epoca en que vive le ha demostrado el camino de los multimedios tanto para realizar obras sonoras como visuales. En sus obras trata de desubrir el sentimiento interno del cuerpo. Este libro es solo una parte de su expresion…

Since early days he was committed to music and plastic arts.
Born in 1964, Buenos Aires, Argentina and he was a student of the Manuel Belgrano National Art College & Beato Angelico School. He continued his studies at Prilidiano Pueyrredón University and Ernesto de la Cordova. He gained the highest qualifications and acknowledge on Art, Pre-press and Music. He also developed a prolific career as a musician. On his artworks he was searching for the feelings of the inner body and thoughts; happiness and disappointments; showing the human being lonely and trapped in a globalized and “highly communicated” world.