The invisible sense of the heart
By Karen Woodley

As a carer, you have a deeply important job and one that must not go by unnoticed. Taking care of others is the most important job you can do and often goes unnoticed in a culture where doing and competing are more admirable than being and sharing. I know from my own experience that when your work directly involves caring for the emotional, physical and overall well-being of another or others that it is imperative to manage your own vibrant health and physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

I put this book together as a result of my own encounters as a therapist with children and adults who have learning disabilities as well as my understanding of the great commitment that carers have toward others. I have seen many people give up on themselves and their dreams because they are too exhausted and without simple resources for a little help. Although this booklet is focused on children with additional learning needs it can be applied to anybody in a role where caring for another is your job.