Tango Creations Publishers is, basically, the independent publishers of all Sotelano Media Ltd. related books, illustrated catalogues and more.

Although we basically work as an internal department of Sotelano Media Ltd, we are open to help writers and creative artist with self-publishing matters.

However, if you want us to help you, you need to properly understand the way we work:


1.- We will not do “business” with you. We will help you as active partners.

2.- We take projects we like and we think are compatible with our others activities. (However, sometimes, we are open to listening to other proposals.

3.- We will not ask for any money or payment in advance or charge any fee for our services. We will proactively work with you as friendly partners and we will share the profit. There is no “fixed fee” or “fixed percentage.”We know each project is different and require different approaches and resources. We will make a percentage agreement based on your project needs, nevertheless, the percentage we will take will not be less than 20% and no more than 50% of the potential profits.

Finally, and more importantly, we like to meet our partners. We prefer video-conference meetings to cold emails. If you want to talk about your project, please contact us and if we think your project is suitable for us we will arrange a video conference.