The big question regarding publishing a book


Am I going to make money by publishing the book with you?
The answer is simple: Yes.
Then the next question will be: How much?
The real answer to that is: Nobody knows.

So let me change the question to:

What are the advantages of publishing the book with you (us)?

If you thought before about publishing your own book you have probably analysed the two main options:

Traditional print system or Print on demand.

  1. Traditional print system means you will take your book to a print shop; they will print as many books as you want and you will pay for all of them upfront.
  2. Print on demand is a process in which they will not print your book until the company receives the order. No upfront cost.
    But what many authors are not aware of is all the others aspects involved in publishing the book.

Let’s start with the format and technical aspects of your book: You want to sell the book; then the book needs to comply with several conditions to be accepted by the distribution companies: Size, a number of pages, title format, colophon, table of content, spine, binding and more.
After all, in order to sell the book you need to find the right distribution channel and also as many as you can.

We have been publishing books for many years and we know about this. We will design your book to be accepted and distributed worldwide.

Also, we will design your book to be unique, not by using any template or pre-made format. This is something to think about too. If you use one of the on-line publishers, your book will be made by using a template. Or, if you want to have a unique product then you will need to find a designer and pay him. We will take care of the design and you need not pay for it.

In the creation process we will do everything necessary to get your book ready and accepted for the distribution channels.

Yes, after the book is designed and ready to be printed we will use to print your book on demand. But also this will give you the advantage of getting full control of the sales and, of course, profit. You will be able to monitor the distribution and sales. You will receive your share automatically via PayPal. And it will be possible also to add collaborators or co-authors and share the profit with them also automatically.

We have been working with Lulu for over 10 years. We tried other options, but no one gave us the control we needed and the confidence.
Now your book is ready to be distributed. However, before authorizing the distribution you will receive a copy. If you like it and there are no errors then we will send you the agreement for you to sign.

In the agreement you will authorize us to distribute and sell your book for 5 years. Also, the percentages will be stipulated: usually is 50% for us and 50% for the author or 40% and 60% for the authors/collaborators if the book have more than one creator.. You will tell us the percentages for each of them and provide their data and PayPal account. You will get the profits of the sales as soon as we sell each book.

As I mentioned, making your book available to sell is not the end of our services. We will start the promotion on the right channels. We will promote your book not only on social media but also through our affiliates and partners. We also manage specialized directories.
Your book will be also promoted on printed media.
Plus much more: we take part in fairs, summer camps, galleries events and other occasions and your book will be promoted there too.. If you like (a special agreement must be signed) we can also sell your book there.

You want to know about money, ok:
But keep this in mind; it is not about how much money you will make NOW, it is about how much money you are going to get meanwhile the book is on sale. We are going to keep promoting you book as long as it is part of our system/collection.

Let’s say your book will be on sale at £ 15.-
To print it will cost around 50%, so we will get around £7.50. Let say that Tango Creations will keep 40% (Our percentage is variable, between 20 to 50% up to the book production and promotion needs), around £ 3.-, the authors will get the balance: £ 4.50- per book. This is for direct sales (Our store and distribution channels). If Amazon sells the book or similar you will get around £ 1.- per book as they keep more money.

We know, it does not sound a lot. But if you sell only 2 books per month, one direct and one on Amazon you will get around £ 240.- in 5 years. As you can see I am not lying to you. I am not tempting you to work with us because of the money. But also I am giving you a low scenario.

You must remember this: If you make £ 240.- it means that we are making around £ 200.-.We want to get that from our work. We want more. So we will keep pushing and promoting your book. We are partners in this project; we want more money, and if we make more money, it means you will make more money too.

This is why we want to be the curator of the collection. We know our customers; we know how to reach them. We know what they want.
But money is not the only advantage you will get by making a book with us.
You will get also a powerful marketing tool. Being published by a company is not the same as publishing your book on your own. It means somebody else trusts in your talent.

You will also have a very professional portfolio.

And more:

If you decide to make an exhibition (and we have venues if you are interested) you can order books at a discounted price and you can sell them on there.

In conclusion:

You can publish your book on your own and make the same mistakes that 99% of authors have. We already made them and we learned from them. Now we know how to make the process with no mistakes and we want to share this experience with you.