We have tried to ensure that our customers have full visibility of the cookies used on our web-site. Please expand the sections below for further information.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small encrypted text files stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. Each cookie can only be read by the web server that originally issued it. Cookies cannot profile your system or collect information from your hard drive. Most websites use cookies.
Cookies are used to improve functionality within our website. At no point do we use cookies to store any other personal information such as name, address or payment details. It is possible to turn off your cookies through your website browser settings. However this will affect the functionality and experience of our site.

Types Of Cookies

Our cookies are classified into two different types: first and third party cookies.
First party cookies are the cookies that our website will set to offer you a fully functional ex-perience when using our site.
Third party cookies are set by other businesses such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Ado-be Flashplayer, which we use to display video content.
First Party Cookies
In order to be able to use our website we require your computer or mobile device to accept cookies. Some of our cookies (known as first party cookies) are essential to enable required functionality on our website. Without them you would not be able to login or order from our website.
Our cookies don’t store personal information such as name, address or payment details. We also use Google Analytics for anonymous site analysis.
Third Party Cookies
We use some third party content on our website to enable Facebook, Twitter & YouTube to function. We don’t control the setting of some of these cookies so please visit the relevant third-party website for more information.
As explained above, our website requires certain cookies to be enabled for you to be able to shop at tangocreations.co.uk. However, if you would like to restrict or block cookies from this website, you can instruct your browser to do so.