We typically publish image-based books.

We also believe in the extraordinary power of words. This is why, many times, we add words to the images.

Would you like to be involved in a project combining your words and our images?

If you do, please contact us and we will arrange a meeting (video conference) and talk about it.

But we do not want you to waste your precious time, this is what you need to know before contacting us:

You do not need, and we will not ask you to pay for anything.

We will not pay you for your job/collaboration any sum in advance or any fixed fee.

This is a joint/collaboration project: We will carefully design the book, print the samples (Yes, you will get one.) and arrange the distribution channels. As payment you will be added as a co-author of the book and 40% of the profits will be transferred automatically to your Paypal account from the sales.


About sales:


1.- As we work mainly with images we focus our promotions on printed items.

2.- The printed version of the book will be available on sale on Lulu.com, our sites and international distribution companies such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ingram, Libri and others. You will earn 40% from any sale made through these channels.

3.- We will create also an E-book (PDF) distributable of the book. This version is created mainly for promotional purposes.

4.- Yes, you may see the PDF version on sale on our sites but it is for marketing purposes. Mainly we distribute the E-book freely in our promotional channels. Because of this, we can’t know how many E-books we sell, this why we are not able to offer a percentage from it.

5.- Yes, you will also get an E-book version of the book. Moreover, you will be authorized to distribute the E-book in a way you consider more convenient for you. You can sell it at the price you want (We usually sell the E-books at £5.-) , if you want to sell the E-book at a lower price you can, this way customers will prefer to buy the E-book from you instead of from us. Or you can distribute it free of charge, it is up to you.

6.- Regarding in-person events, such as Art Fairs & Festivals; we sometimes participate in them, and we take some books with us. Again, it is a marketing channel. We take some books and we sell them there, but, as we also take many other things we just take some books and we send customers to buy the books online. No, unfortunately, we will not distribute profit sales from fairs or any in-person activity as it will be very complicated for us to do this with all the authors.

7.- We can provide printed books to you at a very convenient price, you can sell them at the price you wish. Just to be clear: we do not expect you to buy any book. You have no obligation to buy one and if you want to sell the printed book you just need to pay the printing cost. You can sell the books at any price you wish, and you do not need to share any profit with us.


As you can see, for authors are a win-win scenario as they do not need to make any investment but will get money from the sales. It is also a great opportunity to promote your work and your name.

We do not require un-published original words for this project. You can, as an example, use the words from any of your work. Remember, the words will go along with the images; they can be quotes from one of your novels or poems. If this is the case, the name of the work will be added to the information of the book and also from where customers can buy your book.


This is one example:



If you are interested, please contact us.