What we offer?


  • Full design of your book
  • We will design your book to be distributed worldwide through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Ingram and others. Also in our sites and affiliates companies.
  • Full promotion on Social Media AND Printed Media.
  • We also take part in several events. We will promote your book there. We can sell your book at these events too (but we must sign a separate agreement).
  • You will have total control to follow the sales of your book. The percentage of the sales that belongs to you will be transferred automatically to your PayPal account (required).

What we want from you:


  • A percentage of specific sales.
  • An authorization to sell your book for at least 5 years. After that you can keep the book on the collection or retire it.
  • An authorization to use the images or quote text from the book to promote it. Do not worry; we will credit the photos when we use them. To clarify: You will allow us to sell the book, not the images individually. You are never going to lose the copyright of your images (but the copyright of the book belongs to us).
  • One copy of the book will be given to you as a proof, free of charge.
  • Once that copy is approved by you, we will start the distribution process and the promotions. If you want more copies, you can order them from us at a very special price.


Very Important:

We will distribute the book all over the world. Because of this, it is very important to understand the legal side of the publishing industry:

Copyrights: (we can find The legal words in our Terms & Conditions for selling books)
The images belong to the author, also text. No copyright will be transferred to the publishers (us).
The copyright of the book itself (Designs, styles etc.) belongs to the publisher. It means that if you want to re-publish the book again keeping the design; you need our authorization.

Right of sales / making profit from your images:

Up to your situation you need the releases/authorizations in order to publish the book.
The authorization/release needs to specify that you can make profit from the image. A standard model/property release should cover this. In the agreement there is a section that specifies that it is your responsibility and only yours in having the authorizations from the models and places to make a profit from the images. As publishers we will not be responsible if a model wants to sue us as we are the publishers only and the author is the responsible person as a provider of the images.

This is a guide about who needs authorizations/releases:

If you are a painter, draughtsman or similar, you do not need any authorization or release.

If you are a photographer, you need the models release and property release if applicable. If your model has tattoos and there is an important part of the image, you should also have the release of the tattooist. If you have images with tattoos but you are not sure if they need a release from the tattooist you can send us a copy and we will tell you. If your images are body-painting related you need also a release from the MUA.

If you are a tattooist or MUA: You need an authorization from the model and from the photographer to publish your images (unless you commissioned the photos, in that case the copyright belongs to you and you do not need the release form the photographer but you may need the release from the model, you can contact us if you have any doubt)

If you are a model: You will need the authorization from the photographer to use the images. If the images are body-painting related or you are wearing special make-up or hair or important tattoos you should also need authorization from the artists.

If you have any doubt about this subject, please contact us.

About sharing profits:

Can the book have content from different authors (Collaborations Projects)?

Let’s say you are a photographer and you want to make a book using the photos of one model only. Or maybe you want to include in the book texts from another author.

In that case you will be able to share your profits with the other authors. When we set-up your account to receive the money from the sales, we can add more authors and specify the percentage for each of them.
Yes, you can, as an example, tell us you want to share your profits 50-50% with another author/model, etc.
We need the same information we will ask you to provide to us (including the PayPal account) from the other/s collaborators/authors and we will setup the account in order that you receive the profits automatically.

Are you interested?
Contact us and we will arrange a video conference meeting and we can discuss it further.